Wood Furniture Shredder

Introduction of Waste wood shredder for sale wooden furniture shredder 

1. Waste wood shredder for sale wooden furniture shredder is widely used to crush Large-scale hollow materials like waste plastics, waste rubber, wood, paint bucket.

2. All kinds of waste, especially those waste contain scrap metal like waste household appliances shell (molded case, metal shell), waste circuit boards (PCB), waste cable.

3. Other large volume wastes, especially the waste contains silt that easily damage the cutter.
Wood Furniture Shredder

The Features of Template Crusher/Furniture Shredder Machine

A: Automatic system by PLC   

B: The quality of blades is high level

C: Low speed, high torque, no dust pollution

We have attained ISO9001 and CE management certification and many other certifications.

Application of Template Crusher/Shredder Machine


  • PPC scrap, waste paper, corrugated paper, cardboard and carton etc.
  • Various hollow container:plastic beverage cans,plastic drums,steel drums,packing box ,pail pack.
  • Waste household appliances:TV,washing machine,refrigerator shell.
  • Pipe:large pipe,pipe fittings,PEpipe.  
  • Waste template:wooden pallets,plastic pallets,forklift pallet.
  • Waste tire:car tires,truck tires.
  • Scrap metal:car shell.aluminum alloy,waste alumimum casting,engine casing,plumbum and steel plate of thickness below 5mm.
  • The kitchen garbage,household garbage,animal carcasses,RDF derivatives,medical waste ,straw,garden waste.
Working principle:

Motor drive through planetary gear reducer with a strong cutting torque, continuous cutting, pressing, frustrated, after grinding, crushing the material into the cutting room the initial cut into blocks, the automatic sorting sieve screen, broken qualified material output, the rest of the larger materials with other materials to be broken again with the broken back to cutting room, and so forth until the output of qualified circulation of materials.

Technical Data of Waste Aluminum Can Shredder

Model WLSX600 WLSX1000 WLSX1200 WLSX1500 WLSX1900
Main shaft power(kw) 4-15kw*2 4-30kw*2 4-37kw*2 4-45kw*2 4-90kw*2
Main shaft rotary speed(rpm) 30-40 30-40 30-40 30-40 30-40
Workind capacity(t/h) 2-5 5-10 6-15 8-18 10-25
Weight(t) 3 5 6 12 15
Conveyor motor power(kw) None None None 4-3kw 4-3kw
Number of cutter head(pcs) 20pcs*φ400 34pcs*φ400 42pcs*φ400 46pcs*φ550 50pcs*φ600
Finished chips size(cm) 3-10 3-10 3-10 3-10 3-10
Feeding tank size(m) 0.82x0.9 1.2x1 1.4x1 2x2 2.3x2
Dimension(m) 2.6x2x1.9 3x2x1.9 3.2x2x1.9 4x1.7x2.4 8x2.5x2.4