Shear Shredder

Twin-shaft shredder also named shearing machine, by cutting, tearing and extruting to reduce the materials’ size, widely used in area ofwaste plastic, waste rubber, wood, crop straw, automobile recycling…etc, this is a quality and reliable equipment in recycling business.
Shear Shredder


-Use thick and heavy duty knives, high shredding efficiency.

-Moving blade and dead blade both made of alloy steel, can resistance to high torque, high strength and very durable.

-Entire frame made up by thick steel board, low maintainance, economy and durability.

Working principle

1. The shredder machine with big feeding mouth, it can put the big plastic or rubber product freely. The rotary and cutting blade with edge of special design, it can get very high efficiency and high capacity.

2. The shredder machine is control by PLC system; the blade can rotate inapposite direction and close automatically if something unexpected happens; with very high safety service. The shredder machine runs slowly with low noise and less dusty.

3. The blade material with special alloy steel made, with long life.

4. The frame plate is thick, high torque resistance, very strong.

5. Device is with low speed, high torque, low noise; dust particles can reach the characteristics of the environmental protection standard.

6. easy to adjust, low maintenance cost, economic and durable.

7. The thickness of the cutting tools and knife claws can change according to different materials.


The machine is suitable to processed carton, very big size of metal material, such as computer, car, waste oil filter on motor car , small diameter copper wire,the big solid material like television, washing machine, shell of refrigerator, big size pipe, pipe fittings, forklift splint, tires, packing barrel, vehicle body, aluminum, copper and steel less than 10mm.

That the single shaft shredder can’t process. In addition, the double shaft shredder can also have a good effect on shredding the film in rolls, hollow barrels and so on. It is widely used in industry waste recycling, medical recycling, electronic recycling, pallet recycling, municipal solid waste recycling, plastic recycling, tire recycling, papermaking industry and etc.

Model D2830 D2840 D2860 D2880 D3260
dimension L/W/H(mm) 1450x1060x1850 1590x1060x1850 2560x1060x1850 2820x1060x1850 2658x1366x1911
Cutting Chamber size C/D(mm) 300x470 400x470 600x480 800x480 610x580
Rotor Blade Diameter(mm) Φ280 Φ280 Φ280 Φ280 Φ320
Rotor Ratate Speed (r/min) 14.2 14.2 14.2 14.2 14.8
Rotor Blade Quantity (PCS) 15 20 20 20 15
Rotor Blade Thickness(mm) 20 20 30 40 40
Rotor Motor Power(KW) 7.5 5.5+5.5 7.5+7.5 11+11 15+15
Model D3280 D32100 D32120 D42100  
dimension L/W/H(mm) 2930x1385x1927 2930x1385x1927 3416x1946x2275 3275x1946x2275  
Cutting Chamber size C/D(mm) 890x580 1020x580 1213x736 1052x736  
Rotor Blade Diameter(mm) Φ320 Φ320 Φ320 Φ430  
Rotor Ratate Speed (r/min) 14.8 14.8 14.8 9.2  
Rotor Blade Quantity (PCS) 22 25 30 20  
Rotor Blade Thickness(mm) 40 40 40 50  
Rotor Motor Power(KW) 18.5+18.5 22+22 30+30 30+30  
Model D42120 D42150 D52120 D52160  
dimension L/W/H(mm) 3416x1946x2275 3716x2234x2670 3716x2234x2670 4016x2234x2670  
Cutting Chamber size C/D(mm) 1213x736 1224x948 1224x948 1624x948  
Rotor Blade Diameter(mm) Φ430 Φ516 Φ516 Φ516  
Rotor Ratate Speed (r/min) 8.2 8.2 9.2 9.21875  
Rotor Blade Quantity (PCS) 24 30 20 20+10  
Rotor Blade Thickness(mm) 50 50 60 60+40  
Rotor Motor Power(KW) 37+37 45+45 45+45 55+55