Rice Husk Pellet Machine

Rice husk particle machine, also known as rice husk granulator, sawdust pellet machine, sawdust pellet mill. Machine for pressing rice husk into granules.
Rice husk particle machine can be divided into two kinds, one is efficient centrifugal granulator, a flat die granulating machine. The efficient centrifugal particle machine is the core of our products, specifically for rice husk granulation products, recommended.
Rice Husk Pellet Machine
Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine is a special machinery equipment that making the material
(sawdust, corn stalks, peanut shells, straw, cotton, wood stalk, branches, mushroom waste, cow dung and other raw material) to high-quality and high-density particles. These partices have flammability.
YGKJ series vertical ring die pellet machine absorbed the essence of pellet mill in oversea
market,after our engineers improved,it had reached the international advanced level.

Centrifugal efficient rice husk granule machine features:
We must first recommend the use of centrifugal efficient rice husk granule machine, this model is our special for the wood chips such as crude fiber research and development of a particle machine, because the professional so professional, centrifugal efficient particle machine to do the following What are the advantages:
1, mold vertical, feeding vertical, can not afford arch, easy to heat
2, pressure wheel rotation, material centrifugal, uniform distribution, the effect is good
3, two sets of lubrication, large shaft pressure wheel, to ensure life expectancy, high and stable production
4, air-cooled dust, long-term operation, efficient production, energy saving
5, double-layer mold, a dual-use, more choices, more gains

(1)Pellets Moisture:finished pellets made by vertical ring die pellet machine below 10,good surface,easy store;

horizontal pellet machine need water pipe to push water when making wood pellets,the pellets moisture big

enough,cant reach the customers requirements

(2)Feeding Method:vertical feeding,make sure raw materials directly in pelletizing room; horizontal pellet

machine feed raw materials by force,raw materials easy accumulate the behind of die,easier cause the block

of die,damage for bearing

(3) Main Bearing Speed: vertical type pellet machine 75r/min,has bigger pressure,could press the beautiful

surface,high density pellets,while horizontal pellet machine 200r/min,the cohesion force small,pressure little

(4)Die Difference: vertical pellet machine has double-layer die,two layers can used for reducing the cost,high

efficiency and save energy.While horizontal pellet machine only has one layer die,the cost is bigger than two

layers die

(5)Heating Dissipation: the horizontal pellet machine dissipate the heating through the outside of the die,while

the vertical pellet machine pull the heat steam in the pelletizing room through the fan blower.The efficiency

much better

(6)Lubrication system: vertical pellet machine enter the oil automatically,has oil pulp

system,could make sure the machine work 24 hours without stopping,the entering oil time has been designed

in advance(entering 30 seconds every 2 mins),while horizontal pellet machine enter the oil by people every


(7)Reducer Type:horizontal pellet machine makes the reducer by themselves,while vertical pellet machine

purchase the reducer from other reducer supplier(Reducer Brand:Guomao well known brand),the accuracy

higher than the horizontal pellet machine.

(8)Electricity Consume:The horizontal machine adopts six degree motor,while vertical pellet

machine adopts four degree motor,six degree motor consumes more electricity than 4 degree

motor,has more cost investment.

Technical Parameter



Diameter of pellet

YGKJ450 55+1.1+1.5+0.37+0.55 4-12 600-800
YGKJ560 90+1.5+1.5+0.37+0.55 4-12 1200-1500
YGKJ680 160+1.5+0.37+1.5+0.55 4-12 1500-2500
YGKJ850 220+3+0.55+2.2+0.55 4-12 2500-3500