Industrial-use Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill

The wheat straw briquette press machine is an automation equipment, with automatic grease supply device, which can save a lot maintaince time. ALso the sawdust wood pellet mill machine is applied to the materials with low adhensiveness and low shaping rate such as rice husk, sunflower seeds husk, peanut shell husk, and other nut shell and fruit shells, this pellet mill is widely used in the biomass-energy fules plant, power plant, wood processing plant, it is the ideal pressing shaping machine with low investments and high profit.
Industrial-use Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill

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Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine
1. Widely suitability: All kinds of biomass raw material can be used in this machine. Widely material :The rice husk, palm fiber, corn stalks, cotton stalks, wheat straw rice straw, peanut shell, corn cob, branches, leaves, sawdust and other crops in rural areas , solid waste, furfural-residue, edible fungus dregs, and Chinese herbal medicine residue etc.

2. full automation: it has theautomatic lubricating device that can add oil for the bearing and roller every 2 hours, so the machine can keeps on working a full day without a stop.

3. The ring die (mold): stainless steel, double layers, both sides of the ring die can be used, thus the life time of the molds can be reach up to produce 1500 ton pellets.

4. Less labor: two people is enough to operation the machine

5. Wearing parts: the wearing parts of the machine are the gear of the roller, molds, only these two parts, we have them in stock.

Features of the wheat straw briqeutte press machine:

1. Vertical die, feeding vertically; No arching of raw materials, easy for heating dissipation;

2. Die fixed, rollers rotating, better for even material distribution;

3. Independent lubrication; High pressure filtration, clean and unblocked;

4. Independent and frequency changeable cuting device ensuring high pelletizing rate;

5. The key parts are made of superior alloy steel with heat treatment by German vacuum furnace, so its service life is prolonged by 5-7 times;

6. The machine with the automatic lubricating system that the grease is injected and filtrated automatically, which can ensure the long time working without stop;

7. The dust and cooling system that can reduce the dust during it wotking and improve the woking environment.

How to Use Wood Pellet Machine
1. Flat die Home used wood pellet machine adopts pressing roller and the linear velocity of its ends is the same with the die one, therefore it’s not appearing dislocation and friction, decreasing the resistance, reducing the kinetic energy loss, extending the life of the mold and reducing the production costs.

2.Pinch roller sets smoothly and increase the pressing of the district, increasing the production efficiency.

3.It adopts central screw rod to adjust the pressure, and the distance of mould can be long and short to ensure the effect of pressing, so can suit for different materials.

4.The models have a wide range of apertureΦ6-Φ12mm mold, adapted to different materials, to achieve the best efficiency.


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Model & Technical Parameter of Wood Pellet Mill:

Model Power(Kw) Pellet Specification(mm) Capacity(t/h)
FKL55 75 φ4-φ12 0.8-1.5
FKL56 90 φ4-φ12 1.2-1.8
FKL58 160 φ4-φ12 1.8-2.1
FKL68 160 φ4-φ12 2-2.5
FKL85 220 φ4-φ12 2.5-3.5
FKL88 315 φ4-φ12 3.5-4.5
FKL105 360-450 φ4-φ30 5-8
FKL125 550-660 φ4-φ30 8-12