Carbonization Furnace

This type charcoal carbonizing stove adopts self-ignition principle to decompose the briquettes into combustible gas, wood tar and charcoal. It can be applied to carbonize wood, logs, biomass briquettes, fruit shell and bamboo, etc. This charcoal carbonization machine is featured with easy operation, high efficiency, no smoke, etc. Made of mobile steel plates, this machine has large effective volume and long service time.
Carbonization Furnace

Ⅱ. Airflow Carbonization Furnace Features

1: Adopting advanced thermal current technology, this machine can greatly improve carbonizing rate from 80% to 99% and carbonizing time reduces from 24 hours to 6 hours.

2: The furnace effective volume is 3m³, 5m³, 6m³, 8m³, every model can be customized.

3: Carbonizing rate is more than 40-60%, yield of finished products is more than 95%.

Ⅲ. Lifting Carbonizing Furnace Features

This carbonizing stove does not need any electricity. It uses the natural cooling method, suitable for small charcoal plant. Special design of air storage chamber can fully make use of the collected waste heat to provide energy for preprocess of wood drying as well as self-carbonizing. 60 hours is needed for a complete carbonizing process.

 Main features of sawdust briquette carbonization furnace

1. Easy operation and maintenance

2. High carbonization rate

3. No pollution

4. Continuous working

5. The tube of fume extraction will recycle the gas comes from the inner stove during carbonizing process for continue warming the stove, and it will save 70% of energy consumption and recycle 95% of smoke.

The structure of sawdust briquette carbonization furnace

 charcoal making furnace includes the following main parts: furnace body, furnace cover, heating chamber, inner pot. The furnace is made of steel, and the thickness is 6-8mm. The furnace is resistant to high temperature, deformation and oxidation. The chamber is covered with refractory brick, and the thickness is 120mm.

Working principle-------- hard wood log coconut shell charcoal carbonization furnace :


1.Heating process: after putting the inner baskets into the furnace, we need to heat the furnace up to 80-120mins, the temperature get around 300-330 ℃,it will produce the gas(CH4,C2H4) or biomass waste as fuel,at this time,we stop heating
2.Carbonizing process: after doing the sealing work, the materials inside begin to pyrolysis, it will produce gas at this period, so we need heating in this process, the carbonization time is often around 8-12hours
3. Cooling process: after carbonizing, we need to take the inner basket out , let it cool by natural way,cooling time is often around 8-10 hours. Cooling time is longer, it is better for stove quality
4. After taking the inner basket out, we need to put another basket inside, this is the cycling process.

The data of the air flow ones:

We will supply you the right type accroding to your capacity requirement.

model capacity



temperature machine include
QHL-1 1.5-2t/24h 2.75*3 400-600degree

1outer stove, 3inner stoves with3 caps

, one 3ton lifting device, 1smoking tank

QHL-2 3-4t/24h 2.75*6 400-600 degree

2 outer stove, 6 inner stoves with 6

caps, one 5-ton hoistingequipment

withe-motor, 1smoking tank

QHL-3 4.5-6t/24h 2.75*9 400-600 degree

3 outer stove, 9 inner stoves with

9caps, one 5-ton hoisting equipment

with e-motor, 1smoking tank

QHL-4 6-8t/24h 2.75*12 400-600 degree

4 outer stove, 12 inner stoves with

12caps, one 5-ton hoisting equipment with e-motor, 4smoking tank