Tire Crushing Machine

1. The machine can shred various bulk materials, basket materials, pipe, plate, sheet, tire, big roll film, which are difficult to be shredded by single shaft shredder.

2. The frame is combinational structures, made from precision machined extra-thick sheet, slewing axis is forced, Large-angle, hexagonal prism, the hopper is large-caliber, and substantial, so good-sized material is practicable.
3. PLC control system, forward and reverse operate and stop automatically can protect the machine when the materials is too big and much. Operate safely, low-speed running, low noise, little dust.
Tire Crushing Machine

Application:Nylon tires /steel wire tire ;rubber powder and granules;Steel and fiber removal;Separate Steel and Fiber


Feature:automatic;machinesmall space;Low energy consumption;No polluted water;No waste gas;No waste residue;high efficiency

Tyres diameter: less than 1.2 meters

Capacity/ year:1000-10000T


Whole Tire Recycling Process

1. Deal with the steel bead wires
2. Cut big tyres into pieces if necessary
3. Shred tyres into small block smaller than 6cm
4. Grind the block into rubber granules mixed with steel wire and fiber
5. Remove the steel wires and fiber
6. Make pure rubber powder


The line is complete automatic tire recycling line, from drawing out bead wires, crushing the whole tyre, separating the thin steel and fiber to the rubber powder, The line is recycling the waste tyre under the normal temperature.
We have standard capacities : 500kg/hr, 1000kg/hr, 1500kg/hr,....
This line is specially for nylon tires. Compared with GLP-3000B system, although the capacity is some smaller, it can remove the fabric very clean.


This line is mainly for dealing with Nylon tyre smaller than 1200mm diameter, to make pure rubber powder and granules.





1000ton per year @2-5mm,@30-100mesh


1500ton per year @3mm,@30-100mesh


3000ton per year @3mm,@30-100mesh


6000ton per year @3mm,@30-100mesh


10000ton per year @3mm,@30-100mesh