Disc chipper

Wood Chipper machine also call dis type wood chipper machine.Spiral chipper disc surface may be less than 400mm diameter cutting logs, wood and branches path material, applied to paper pulp factory, forest games, paper mills, wood chips and other plants.

Mainly by the chipper host, couplings, chassis, motor, such as four-part composition, in which the host by the chipper knives plate, upper and lower casing, a material feed port and the mouth parts, etc.
Disc chipper
Wood chipper machine used for processing pine, miscellaneous wood, yang wood, Chinese fir, bamboo or other materials,chipper shredders mainly used in the industries of density board. At the same time, the device can also be used for bamboo, straw, corn stalks, sorghum stalk fiber stem shape materials such as scrap. The product rule of discharge, and high output.

Wood Chipper machine can processing all the peeling wood,bamboo,fuelwood slab materials and other cutting remaining materials.The final product of chipper shredders machine is small chips,the size of this small chips can be 2-15mm in thickness and 2-50mm in length.This small chips is used for paper making,fiber board,animal bed and other use!

Working principle of the wood chipper machine
The working process of this wood chipper machine is very simple,when the wood feed into the machine mouth.It contact with the cutting blades,along with the high speed rotation cutting knife plate wood has been cut into small pieces in the machine working room.Then the final chips flow out of the machine at high speed from the export mouth,it is very easy and safe to operate!

Wood disc chipper

Both low voltage and high voltage are available for your choice. For the NPM Wood Disc Chipper, there are pulley-drive type and direct motor drive type; horizontal feeding type and inclined feeding type; top discharge type and bottom discharge type, moveable type and fixed type.

wood disc chipper features in compact structure, easy installation and maintenance, high productivity, high quality chippers, adjustable output size.

A disc chipper consists of base, disc, feed inlet, cover, electric control system, etc. The following is a typical description for disc chipper. You may choose different models as per your actual requirement. NMP is glad to help you choosing the right model if you can send us your project information.

Main technical specifications




Disk diameter






Main shaft speed



Feeding inlet size


Overall size(mm)

SG-400 1 400 7.5 160 650 3 150*150 1200*500*800
SG-420 1.5 420 7.5 __ 600 3 150*150 1200*500*800
SG-600 2 600 15 380 600


180*150 1500*570*1050
SG-700 3-4 650 18.5 __ 600


190*200 1500*680*1100
SG-800 5 735 30 520 550 4 200*220 1850*730*1240
SG-950 8 830 37 950 550 4 230*250 1900*820*1500
SG-1150 12 1150 75 2000 500 4 330*300 2560*1150*1800
SG-1410 15-16 1410 110 2600 500 4 400*400 2900*1400*2350
SG-1500 20 1500 132 3500 500 4 480*450 _____________